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Welcome to iFuels

Wherever you are, we’ll be there. We deliver.
Locally owned and operated in Western Australia, Independent Fuel Solutions (or iFuels) is your local supplier of bulk fuels, packaged oils and refuelling equipment throughout the Gascoyne, Pilbara, Midwest and wider WA regions including the Goldfields and South-West.


Mining & Exploration

How Can iFuels Help?


On-Site Refuelling

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Tank Supply



What Drives Us

iFuels isn’t simply just another fuel supplier. We are built on the idea that we are changing the wholesale fuel industry for the better. We have looked at every aspect of the fuel selling process with a goal of making every-part of the process better, especially the relationship.


So ask yourself - Is your current supplier letting you down? Are they taking your business for granted? Do you simply buy from them out of habit? Do they give you their best price every time or just when they first quoted you?


Why not take a look at something new, we are focused and keen to change the way things currently work in the wholesale fuel industry. Our goal is clear. Transform the archaic and backward wholesale fuel industry. Make the complex, simple; the out-of-date, new and throw the closed doors open.

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